A house without community is like a home without furnishings. And a life without nature is like living without friends. A home without security is like a bad adventure.

That is why we at The Halcyon Residencies are investing in community, nature and security.

Welcome to The Halcyon Residencies Labuduwa, an exclusive gated-community of only six luxurious residences harmoniously intermingled with the best that nature and man can offer for an elegant and peaceful lifestyle. Think of it as upscale living with down home southern charm!

Come home to an ultra-modern residence built to meet your dreams and designed to meet our stringent construction standards, a development unlike anywhere in the region.

This exclusive neighborhood with a manned entrance will be surrounded by a security wall, while each residence will be equipped with individual service accesses to the outside through a backyard gate. Inside, landscaped and undivided gardens will unite the neighborhood with interlocked pavements and coordinated vegetation harmonized with decades old endemic trees. Nestled at the centre of the neighborhood will be the boutique condominium, which will house swimming pool, gymnasium, barbeque terrace and other amenities to help you unwind after a day’s work.

It is a place where you and your family can feel rejuvenated, secure and enjoy southern living in a comfortable and peaceful environment.

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